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Precision Laser Measurement Services, Inc. is a company dedicated to bringing volumetric measurements to the public by using only the very best techniques, equipment, software and people.

If you are involved in the responsibility of managing bulk inventories, then Precision Laser Measurement Services can quickly and accurately measure those products and supply you with volume results within 24 hours of actual site work.

Our state-of-the-art laser profiling system provides the information necessary to promise accurate measurement of stockpiles quickly and easily. Using a pulsed beam prismless laser, we effectively measure an entire area covering every characteristic and detail, storing the information until we process the data to produce the actual result for each pile measured.

Fast and Effective Results

What this means is that you recieve the most accurate and effective inventory possible at the time you need it, as most aggregate plants can be completed in one day.

Precision Laser Measurement Services will prove to be most economical when compared to other methods especially when you consider the added assurance of using an independent third-party for inventory verification.

We would be very happy to speak with you regarding our system and how it best applies to your operation. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an on-site comparison.

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